Todd and Jenn - On to the photos.

Todd first contacted me about wedding portraits.... and just wedding portraits. When's the wedding? I had to ask. Over and done, we made it happen in Vegas, sweet, simple. But now that we're back in Canada, we're hoping to get some of the photos that we didn't get a chance to make. Prefering something a little more on the rustic side of things, I pulled some strings, and voila, we had a lovely little barn on the outskirts of Stratford that we got to shoot around. Mr. Rain wasn't too pleased with us, as it started tanking it down in the midst of our shoot, but we kept calm and photographed on, just moving into the dry and character filled barn.  

Often times I remind people that great photos are still to be had, even when the weather isn't considered classically perfect. Here are a few shots from the shoot. We had a lot of fun making them! Hopefully you like them too. I wanted to get a sort of vintage rustic look, without going overboard Hickville. Success?

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