Frequently Asked Questions...

What are your rates? The single most common question I get. Once upon a time I had this listed on my site. But now I have a PDF pricing guide that gives pricing, and explains a lot. Please Get in touch and ask for pricing! Thanks.

Are there limits on photos taken, or coverage? No not really. All of my packages cover at least 12 hours of coverage. Weddings are full day affairs. How much blood, sweat, tears and money is going into making this the best day ever!? It's just not fair to ask you to cram everything you want photos of into 6 or 8 hours. I want to capture the story of your day, on your timeline. This is your wedding, no limits! In terms of number of photos. No limits here either. It's impossible to tell you how many photos you're gonna get. It depends on the length of your day, the number of guests you're going to have, and the overall vision for your day. The chances are, with an "average" wedding, you can expect to get about 700-900 edited photos. 

How many photos do we get? On average, you're gonna receive 700-900 edited photos.

Are the photos we  receive edited? Yes! Everything you get from me is going to look good, and be suitable to print, share and enjoy for lifetimes. I don't release photos that I'm not willing to put my name to. What does edited mean? Well, everything is going to be color corrected, the exposure I wanted, and all together presentable. Some will be colour, some black and white, and others have a more toned look. It's a good idea to have a look through my Portfolio to get a good sense the style and look of the editing you're gonna receive. With wedding photos, my idea to keep the editing classic, and timeless, not trendy and fad-ish. These photos are gonna last a lifetime, or more. What I don't want is for you and your friends to look back at them in a number of years, and think, wow... those are sooooo 2016. Other editing will be invisible. You'd never know if, but that bright orange exit sign that was in the background during your first dance.... it's gone. And you didn't ever get to see it. So there is a lot more work that goes into editing than meets the eye. If done right, good editing is often times seamless, you wouldn't know it has been done. 

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Do you travel to (Your place here)? I would travel to the moon for you if you're willing to get married there. Common areas I travel to are pretty well all of South-western Ontario. Toronto and area, Niagara, the Muskokas, Grand Bend, Owen Sound, Guelph, Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge, Stratford, London and some more spots are areas that I seem to find myself in regularly. I LOVE photographing at new venues.

How do we book?  So you've had a look at my pricing, and seem like I'm a good fit. You can book all online. I'll send you a questionnaire, then a contract, it's pretty straightforward, I don't get a whole ton of questions about it. Then I ask for $500, Cash, e transfer, cheque, PayPal, Credit cards, gold and silver bullion. Suit yourself. I have a more detailed answer on How to book me in my articles section.

Do you have any client reviews? Yep! Check out my wedding photography reviews page.

How do we receive our photos? Photos are delivered via digital download. No waiting on the mail. This way you get your photos the night they are edited, and I know you got them safe and sound. You can also share the link (which I encourage) so that others can download them as well. This is great to share, but also as a backup! 


Can we print our own photos? Yes, the files you get will be suitable to print. You have the rights to print as many as you like. The only thing you can't do is resell them.

Do you take family photos on the big day? Of course! It's amazing how often I get asked this. I don't show these photos a whole ton in my portfolio, but they are part of the big day too! If you have a huge family, or the photos seem like they might spiral out of control. It is a great idea to list these out, and have a bit of a plan. I wrote a guide to family wedding photos to help out! 

What equipment to do you use? I shoot primarily with Nikon, full-frame FX professional cameras. I use higher end cameras so that I'm always ready to capture the action, and they have dual card slots, so every photo I take is automatically duplicated. This added security is paramount. My favourite lenses include a Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, Nikon 58mm 1.4, Nikon 45mm tilt shift. When I can't get in close, or want to be more discreet a Nikon 70-200mm VR2 does the trick. Dance floor time you'll often see me with my trusty 24mm 2.8 ais, its 30ish years old, but it's a gem. Everything has a backup. Any wedding shooter that doesn't have two or more cameras, and an assortment of lenses in case something goes awry, is taking a chance with your biggest day ever.

Do you do this full time? I've been fortunate to shoot weddings full time for over 5 years now. It is so much fun! I travel, meet so many great people and get to spend time with my awesome clients on the best day of their life. I don't plan on giving this up any time soon. 

No answer here? Please get in touch, and I'll get you what you need to know!