What's the booking process?

This is new! And exciting! So let me walk you through the process a bit.

I realize that this whole hunt for a photographer, and venue and DJ can be a whole lot all at once. This is just one little way I'm trying to help make things a little more enjoyable. 

1. Check out portfolio. So, first off, make sure I'm what you're looking for photographically speaking. Like the portfolio? Step two.

2. Seen enough? Decide if you've seen enough? There are hundreds and hundreds of photos on my site. And many thousands more, including a lot more "full weddings" of 100-150 images per wedding on my facebook page.  If I'm meeting with clients, I sometimes bring a printed portfolio, but it's not to see a whole lot more images. It's more an opportunity to explain and talk through my thought process in crafting images.

3. Find out more. Check out my about me and pricing page, and my FAQ.

3. Reach out, contact me!  Drop me a line via my contact page. See if I'm free and ask about pricing details.

4. Call, Skype, Facetime or meet. As much as you trust I'm a cool dude, if you still have doubts, it's not a bad idea to make 100% sure.

5. Questionnaire.  If you think you're looking at booking, I'll send you a quick questionnaire to make sure we're on the same page. Fill it out, it's nice and quick. Decide what you wanna go with package wise.

6. Contract / Paperwork. I use the term paperwork loosely. Once I have that questionnaire filled out, I can send you the contract, through the magic of the interwebs. It's all electronic, and saves a ton of time scanning and emailing or sending things through the mail.

7. Retainer. Not exactly a deposit. I ask for $500, along with the contract to reserve your spot. This retains my services. If someone else asks about your day, I turn them down. Thus you don't get this money back if you change dates or cancel - unless I can rebook the date. You can pay via Cash, cheque, e-transfer, Paypal (credit cards) or gold bullion. Whichever suits you best.

8. Booked. Congratulations! Once I've got that contract back, and your $500, you're booked. 

9. Schedule engagement?  If you're electing to go for engagement photos, you can schedule a date, or let me know what general time of year you're thinking. Share a vision or location or whatever you have in mind.