Wedding - Pioneer Village -Christine and Scott - London

Wow, what a day. What started with fog, only ended up in smoke, rising from an action packed dance floor. 

I've had the pleasure to be part of many weddings, but in my travels, I've come to learn that finding a couple that is so sweet, genuine and has touched so many lives is difficult. After speaking to many of the friends that attended their wedding, it was amazing to find out just how remarkable this couple is. So many, have been so profoundly impacted by these two that it boggles the mind. 

Photographically, this was just great. As it turns out, there is no shortage of backdrops to work with at the Pioneer Village in London. I was hoping to get a more vintage look to match the setting, without going to retro, as that really wasn't the flavour of the day. 

Although it was super touch and go with the weather, the fog ended up making for the softest light I've probably ever shot in. If I could only get this sort of lighting more often :D

Thanks once again Christine and Scott for having me as part of your wonderful day!  


David CharlesworthComment