Alex and Beth - Stroll Stratford - Engagement Photos

How sweet is this couple? Things started off with a few nerves, and a little bit of angst but those feelings were soon left behind as we went for a calm and cool stroll, and made magic happen. For those of you who aren't in Stratford, welcome to The Old Grove. A little Oasis in the midst of Stratford that is out of this world at this time of year. Its amazing that its surrounded by such traffic and commotion, but once you're a few feet inside that all melts away into a little photographic retreat.  The light cooperated, and the leaves played nice. 

Alex and Beth are from the Stratford area, and will be getting hitched next year. Originally both from the GTA, the slower pace of things here in Stratty suits them fine, and I think it shows. A charming couple, I can't wait to photograph their wedding. It doesn't hurt that they bought me ice cream at the end of it as well ;) 

David CharlesworthComment