Jose and Carrie Chill in Stratford. Not quite figuratively.

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple recently in Stratford. What started out as brisk, had turned to chilly by the time we were done, but that didn't dampen our spirits! Strolling around Stratford, doors opened for us to have a laugh, share some thoughts and even witness the untimely trampling of one "Justin Beiber's" Star on the path outside the Avon theatre. Strutting around town was all made just a little sweeter as we headed to Balzac's for a quick refresh and warm up aka: wonderful warm beverage. I had intended to snap a few more frames inside, but the toasty atmosphere was enough to thoroughly fog up my camera lens. Laid back, easygoing and natural, Jose and Carrie are my kind of couple. A photo-shoot shouldn't be forced, but fun. If you ever need tips, you can ask these two how its done. I look forward to their upcoming wedding in the spring. 

David CharlesworthComment