Real Wedding: Adam and Cindy

It has been a long time since I posted something on the 'ol blog. I don't know what it is, but I have the itch!

This past weekend I was on home turf here in Stratford. I find that being a wedding photographer, you're always most desirable some place else! So, I just don't get a ton of Stratty weddings. Which makes them just that much sweeter. Its always nice to travel and see some place new. It keeps things fresh. That said, there are perks to being close to home as well. Familiar faces, and seeing couples whose weddings I've shot in the past. They grow up so fast!!

Enough catchup. 

Getting ready at the farmstead... can you call it that?

Getting ready at the farmstead... can you call it that?

This wedding was so fun. It felt like summer. Which is nice, since we've had so much rain and wind and nastiness. I'm not one to complain about the weather, however I don't think I realized how rough it has been until we were blessed with this wonderful day. 

I started out on the backroad, after a warning from my soon to be bride that she got pulled over for speeding just the day before. And she couldn't catch a break! How crazy is that. Moreover, her sister too got busted! within 15 minutes of each other. An ominous portent if ever there was am I right? Wrong. This day went off without a hitch. 


The girls getting ready was smooth as silk. The guys... left it last minute, lets be honest, but then they acted with abandon. At first, they elected for no suspenders. I informed them this was a mistake. Fortunately, they came to their senses before it was too late ;) After we met up with the gang at the park, we did a quick and cute reveal and shot amongst the trees. We headed up to the waterfall. Gulp. I confess, its not my favourite spot. But I wanted to stay in mom's good books :) #confessiontime  and it turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought! Everything went so super smooth that we got a few minutes to pop into the Stratford Art Gallery. Shout out to the SUPER DUPER sweet girl at the front desk. It was her second day, and she let us rattle off a few stunners in there. I mean, have a look below. Un-sane. (Like insane, but more dramatic.)

Art Gallery Stratford Bride... yes please.

Art Gallery Stratford Bride... yes please.

After that we went to the Stratford Country Club for the ceremony and reception and all that fun stuff. The day ran like a top, thanks to the wonderful Jessie Jacobs, the boss around those parts in the wedding world. Ahead of schedule, nobody felt like dancing right away after dinner. But that didn't last. I have proof. 

A big thanks to the awesome couple!

Okay, something new... wedding photography slideshow below.   Tell me your thoughts.... dated and cheesy and belongs to five years ago? Or pretty neat still, and something I should keep on with.