What is Street View Trusted?

Most of us are familiar with Google Street View. This is just that! Except instead of outside, on public roads and streets, it takes place inside your business. Instead of having a google car driving through, you can hire a Google trusted photographer (I'm one of them) to come inside your business, and take special photospheres, stitch them together and craft a virtual tour. It is then uploaded, and you can view it on Google maps, your Google Listing, or even put it on your website.

Street view - inside your business.

One time fee. No monthly fees.

Lasts as long as you stay at your location, and your business is open.

Upgrades your online visibility and web presence.

Here is a quick video that helps to explain.

How much?

It varies depending on the size of your business. Usually $50 / per photosphere (stop along the virtual tour). So a small boutique shop will be cheaper than a large sprawling hotel. Photospheres are ideally 3-10 feet apart. So a small shop might have 5, or $250. Sometimes with larger jobs I can apply to Google for a volume discount.  If you let me know what you're business is like, size and layout, I can do my best to get you a quick and accurate estimate.

What does it take to book?

Very simple.

Contact me:  david@davidiam.com 519-801-1234 I'm certified to provide clients with Street View for their business across Ontario.

I'll get you a quote right away, and can be over within a week to photograph your business. Street View inside your business is linked to a verified Google Plus page. If you have one already, the process is super quick. If you don't have one you should! They are free, and might add a few days waiting for it to be verified by Google. I can help take care of this, so it's no extra stress for you.

A real world example:

Finally, here is an example of a recently completed project, that I did for an antique Furniture store. Within 2 days from the shoot, it was complete, up live on their Google page and on the front page of their website. They have received excellent customer feedback already.