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Family Photography

Ah yes. Family photography. It conjures up the thoughts of fake smiles, and cheesy poses doesn't it? 

That's not what we're after.


I wanna make family photos that tell the real story. You. Your story.

What makes your family unique? Are you silly? Fun? Is it chaos in your household right now? 


Let's not fake it. Let's embrace your uniqueness.

That's why I offer a number of different styles of family photography.

Family photography, a bit more standard.

Family photography, a bit more standard.

Portrait Sessions

This is what you first think of, when we are thinking family photography. Let's all get together, and smile. I like to keep it fun, and engaging. Not stuffy. We get group shots, couples, individuals, just the kids. Just the grandkids. Whatever you're after.

Let me tell your story. Day in the life session.

Let me tell your story. Day in the life session.

 Day in the Life Session

Documentary Family Photography. This is a new thing, and it is amazing. Up to a 24 session, where I come and tell the TRUE and AUTHENTIC story of your family. Life moves by fast. Your kids are going to grow up faster. Take a snapshot in time, and document a day in your life. There are no ordinary moments.

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Maternity & Newborn Photography

They grow up so fast!  Make sure you plan ahead! The best time to get these photos done is in the first 3-5 days. I come right to your house, set up a mini studio and make magic happen.


A day in your life.

24 hour photo sessions.

Because there are No Ordinary Moments.

Silliness is allowed.

Silliness is allowed.

Documentary Family Photography.

There is a real chance you've never heard of this kind of family photography before. And that's okay. But I have to level with you. It's kind of a big deal.

What is it?

This is the complete capture of a day in your life. One example day could go like this (but everyone is different):


2:30 - I arrive, before the kids get home from school. (you've prepped them about this shoot) I get the routine. Hanging up backpacks. Leaving shoes in the middle of the floor.

Snacks. Meal prep. Mom or Dad making supper. Meal time. Food fights. Time after. Pjs on. Bed time routine.  Brushing teeth. Story time. Tuck me into bed.

Grown ups recoup. Tidy up. Have a glass of wine, call it quits. I stay over, guest room or living room floor ;) I'm not picky.

Wake up - Kids are up too early! But we've planned that I'm gonna catch it. The run to mom and dad's room. Bed head and all. Breakfast. Maybe it's cereal. Maybe dad cooks his world famous pancakes. It's Friday. But we pretend it's Sunday. We're taking the day off.

A fun day - What do we have planned? What do you like to do. Go to the beach? Go to the park Visit grandma's house. Or it could be lounging around the house having a lazy day and playing board games and watching movies. This is you. This isn't someone else's life. Whatever you love to do as a family. Let's do that.

I stick around until mid to late afternoon, or naptime and we call it a day.


Meet the hall family.

Two kids under two. This was just a chill, stay at home session. Not a full day by any stretch. But at this age time moves so fast! The kids change so quickly. So we just wanted to do a little mini session to take a quick snapshot in time.

Hurley Family.

This was such a sweet family, and such a sweet time. Trips to the park. Lots of laughs, and some super cute snuggle time reading books.