Food Videos - Keystone Alley

These videos might start to play in 360p, so they will look a bit soft. Click the video settings to HD 720p or 1080p for more crisp results. 

Short impactful, and highly sharable promo food videos.

These will be usable for facebook or a website, in this format. I intend to reformat them and chop the sides off for Instagram video's 1080x1350 format.  That way they show, quite large, and fill the majority of the screen. They are usable in this form too, but it won't show on the same amount of screen realestate.

Same thing here.

This illustrates that you can also have text added to the videos.  I would tend to avoid a lot of it though. Also, we can add a logo intro or outtro bumper, but I wonder does that lose some of the impact and shareability? I know we want to promote your brand, but a customer doesn't care nearly as much about it as we might. They just want something that looks tasty.