The Bruce Hotel Wedding Review, 

I had a chance to sit down in the beautiful Bruce Hotel in Stratford and chat weddings, and events with Chris Parson, Sales & Marketing Director.

Main Lobby The Bruce Hotel Stratford ON.

Main Lobby The Bruce Hotel Stratford ON.

So I had a crazy idea. Why not reach out to some of my favourite local wedding venues, and see if I can help promote them?

The first wedding venue / place of lodging I had to interview was The Bruce Hotel. The incredibly professional and awesome Chris Parson was gracious enough to meet with me and let me ask him all about his awesome spot. I learned a lot, and I hope this is informative.

What I thought was going to be a straight forward look at a beautiful venue, quickly blossomed into more as I learned more the venue, lodgings, food and character of Stratford's premier hotel.

As has been my custom, I brought along my recorder and taped our conversation. It is worth a listen! And you'll get many of the details that you would seek in seeing if this is the right wedding venue for you. You can play the audio right here from the page, or click the download button. On mobile, CLICK HERE for download.

Here is a quick slideshow I put together, from some images I shot on the day of my interview with Chris, and some past weddings.

Here's Chris Parson from The Bruce Hotel Stratford. The most professional person whom you will meet today.

Here's Chris Parson from The Bruce Hotel Stratford. The most professional person whom you will meet today.

Website: The Bruce 

Chris Parson, Sales & Marketing Director.


Phone: 519-508-7100

89 Parkview Dr. Stratford ON N5A 4R5


Located within a stone's throw of the world famous Stratford Festival Theatre.

The lowdown:

It is hard to put into words how special this place is. 

As you walk through the main doors, it is hard not to realize that you are in for a treat. From super high ceilings, to refined decor and staff that make you feel as if you're the only person in the world... I know that sounds like a lot of hyperbole, but its true.

I won't repeat everything in our conversation, because we covered so much, but I'd like to touch on a few things here.

The Bruce would be a good fit for you in a number of scenarios:

Weddings: Since The Bruce is so exclusive, and the experience they offer their guests is perfect. You can't book a wedding with other people present. This means you book the whole hotel. 25 rooms. That way you have free run of the place. Its a substantial commitment. If you're prepared to make it though, I can't imagine a more exclusive venue. Perhaps the only real constraint I can drum up, is the size, its suitable up to about 120 guests. Speak to Chris for details on that.

Getting Ready: This place is a great option to get ready the day of the wedding. The beauty of the suites are matched only by their gargantuan size. The bathrooms are large enough to play baseball in. Though I don't suggest it.

Wedding night: Opulence. What a great spot to start your new married life off right.

Rehearsal Dinner: With private rooms available, this is the place to book for an awesome rehearsal dinner.

Date night: The dining room is impeccable. The Lounge is affordable and refined. The patio; top tier.

Guest rooms: The finest hotel rooms await. If your guests are looking for a great night sleep, and all the trappings of the finest. This is a great place to stay if they are from out of town, and looking for the best.

Food? Chef Arron Carley makes it happen. This is a world class Chef with an excellent kitchen and team behind him. A fully custom menu can be yours. Recently they did a completely vegan wedding, how's that for custom? Do yourself a favour and come and try the food. The tasting menu, or one of their cool themed evenings. They have their own bees! Produce 500lbs. of honey a year, that they use in their own kitchen. They even employ a full time forager, who is like a secret ninja combing the countryside for hidden gems that are simply not available any other way. That about sums it up. The food here is second to none. If you need further convincing. Swing by the lounge, and just order a serving of fries, with their home made catsup. You will thank me.

With The Bruce you are going to have no problems with decor, it's beautiful. Wheel chair access everywhere. A dedicated car charger for your electric auto. An amazing pool. Gym.  Complementary cookies in the halls. Art. Grand piano... somebody stop me! 

The staff here are just as amazing as the venue its self. You are in for an experience you will never forget.

Be sure to checkout the slideshow above for a look at the place, and a few wedding shots from when I've been there.


The fine print: I am not paid by The Bruce Hotel. This might sound like an advertisement, and it is. But it's because I want to promote them. I truly believe that this place is a Boss location to have your wedding, and to have dinner. If there was anything that I thought sucked about it, I either wouldn't promote them at all, or I'd tell you about it. As a wedding photographer, I've been to many, many different wedding venues. Some like this one, I think are great. Others, not so much. I think my experience is valuable, as I've been to more weddings that 99.99% of people on the planet. This is my .02 cents. - David