Wedding Video and Cinema

Wedding videography is something that I've had a lot more interest in over the last few years. The trouble I hear about however, is that videography can cost and arm and a leg. I get it. Good wedding video coverage, like photography, doesn't come cheap. You've gotta pay for another wedding professional to come out and cover your day. That's where I came up with the idea, or adding video coverage to my existing photography coverage.

We do this one of two ways.

Option 1 - I shoot it purely by myself.

1. I shoot the photos and the video myself. Photos are the primary concern. And I will not compromise the quality of your precious wedding photos, video plays second fiddle. That said however, I still strive to do a great job. This is a way primarily to keep costs down.  We want something impactful, that you'll be happy to remember your big day with, and share with your friends. But shooting and editing time are kept smaller, to save on costs. So far my couples that have done this have been really happy with results. That said, I’m not going to try and convince you that I’m going to do a better job than a dedicated video team, that costs $3500. Usually I charge $1000 for this service. This covers off the additional time and energy that goes into making this all happen. It also covers the editing time and process that need to happen to edit your short film.

Option 2 - Dedicated 2nd shooter $1500 plus travel costs

2. So the other option is that I can bring along my dedicated 2nd shooter for video. Subject to availability, I have a few 2nd shooters that I use, and their role is primarily video. I still shoot video as well, much like the above. But bringing along someone else really liberates me in terms of creativity, and being able to cover more angles and things. On the photo side, I often counsel clients that a 2nd shooter is not needed. However in videography land, it does help a fair bit!


Here are some quick examples of a few couples videos, and which option they chose.


Molly and Ian, Option 2, $1500

There were also some travel costs involved here. But all together, we came in under cost compared to some other options that they were looking at. Super fun day! Great couple, a neato old car, and lots of time for photos made the images and video really something special.


Minka and Jorge, Option 2, $1500

Shot in early September, Minka & Jorge's wedding was a beautiful day. Their venue Spencer's At The Waterfront in Burlington was breathtaking with its amazing views throughout the entire evening.


Brad and Andrea, Option 1, $1000

Video was a last minute addition here, and served to capture the day.


Rachel and Peter, Option 1, $1000

A cool wedding shot at her parent's getaway motel. It rained half the day, but it didn't put a damper on the fun we had!! Shot solo. Just me.


Matt and Melissa, Option 1, $1000

A fun and energetic local wedding here in Stratford. Some crazy dancing!! So much fun.