Yes internet, I realize this isn't very scientific, and I probably screwed it up. Alas, it was a quick hack job. Artistic purposes only. 


In the various images I tried to align both the lens mounts and contacts, as well as the infinity on the focusing window, and also the Nano coating "N" for scale. 

I assume those three items should be pretty well similar in terms of the scale correct? If you watch the images, you'll see that they all depict the same thing, but some are aligned at the mount, some are at the nanocoating N, and also vary in differing opacities. 

These images compare the new rumoured 105mm 1.4G, The existing 85mm 1.4G and the existing 58mm 1.4G

*Also note, the the 85mm image seems to have a much smaller white dot at the lens mount. Not so with the 58. Everything else seems to match up with scale, so I'm not sure if the image I grabbed off google is odd, or if it really is a smaller scale? Perhaps its that the newer lenses have a more bulbous convex nature, and appear larger in the photos.