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Bruce Hotel Wedding Photos

A cool new venue to add to the scene. The Bruce Hotel is 5 stars and as swanky as you would expect.

The Bruce Hotel Wedding Venue

Well, this is my first wedding venue review, and I'll start with The Bruce Hotel here in Stratford. As wedding spots go, this is a new entrant into the arena, as the hotel is so fresh. I was really looking forward to shooting my first wedding in Stratford's only? certified 5 star hotel.  Perhaps the nicest, largest hotel rooms I have ever been in. The one bathroom, can only be described as epic - you could have played baseball inside. The pool area is stunning. I didn't interact with the staff a whole lot, so I can't speak to them a ton. They seemed courteous and attentive. Photographically speaking, I wasn't there at a peak time. January. WIth little snow. So factor that in. The place is nice, but a little "fresh". It doesn't have any age, or weathering, ivy, character like that. So take that for what it's worth. Here's a little slideshow, The Bruce Hotel Wedding Photos.

If you want to know more, check out their site, www.thebruce.ca