Samantha, Courtney and their 4 legged friend. Cambridge Engagement Photos.

I had the pleasure of photographing Samantha and Courtney in Cambridge just the other week. After "babysitting" plans fell through for their adorable pooch, plans changed and they were not alone. While doing my very best dog whispering, often times holding onto a leash with one hand, and photographing with the other we ended up with these fun shots! I can't wait for their cottage chic wedding coming up!

Warmer weather is Coming! Waterloo Engagement Photography

You wouldn't know it from these pictures, but we were pretty darn chilly om Waterloo Park making engagement photos for the wonderful Brandon and Amy. The warm golden light was our guide, as we shared a lot of laughs, and all together looked forward to more wonderful warmth soon. This is a great example of a couple who put in a bunch of time and effort for their engagement photos. Props, and balloons and fun... oh my!  See for yourself!


I'm having a few issues with images displaying properly on my blog. Click on the first one and then you'll be able to scroll through them for a better look!


Cambridge - Engagement Photography - Sandra and Daniel

I spoke too soon. Just as we were starting out, I had to remark what a gorgeous day it was. Then of course the wind picked up, and our shiny bright day turned into dodging from spot to spot to stay out of the wind. Hopefully the September wedding will be a touch more comfortable. 

For quite a while now, I've been wanting to do engagement photos in Cambridge, Galt more specifically. It was worth the wait! All the old stone, provides a ton of character, and making great images seems to become just a little bit more easy!

It helps to have a super great couple with you as well! Looking forward to the wedding you two!

Kelsey and Mao - Snowflakes and sub zero temps.

What ended up being warm and sunny turned to frigid and windy. But Kelsey and Mao are troopers, and wouldn't let a little frostbite cramp their style! This was of course after we cancelled already once, on a turbo blistery blizzard of a day.

Alas, we succeeded in having some fun, and getting more acquainted. Which is good news, since these two get hitched at the beginning of April. Look for more then!

Kitchener Wedding Photography - Jen and Paulus, smiling all the way.

I had the pleasure of photographing Jen and Paulus' wedding as the second of two this past weekend. The weather was calling to be a little nuts. But with a little luck, and a super toasty location to photograph, that was not short on light, we were able to enjoy our time, making photos. It is rare that I don't provide engagement photos for a couple, but that was the case this time. Luckily for me the happy couples were at ease, and did great. With infectious smiles that never seemed to stop! All the best to Jen and Paulus.

Waterloo Wedding Photography - We're on a train. Katie and Colin.

After an arctic blast for the ages, Friday actually turned out quite toasty in comparison. And good thing too, since it was explained to our happy bride and groom that the old train they were planning to get hitched on simply couldn't run at those crazy temps. I'm so glad it worked out. How cool is this? One more thing to add to my resume. 

Usually I encourage couples to try and keep locations to a minimum, as you can easily spend more time travelling on your wedding day, than taking time to make memories, and images. Behold the paradoxical wedding ceremony on rails, and all it entails.

How to choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding.

A Wedding Photographer’s thoughts on choosing the best wedding photographer for you.

Part 1 of ?

Being a wedding photographer, I’ve spent more time than the average person pondering over what a wedding photographer should do, and what the ideal photographer brings to the table.

The moment you realize, this is the man you married.

The moment you realize, this is the man you married.

It’s more than just photos.  Obviously this is where you start. As a photographer myself, I get sort of a skewed view of the photographic world. I tend to hear only from people who like my work. I’m sure that there are folks at there that really don’t like my style, my lighting or the way I tell wedding stories, but its nice in that I really don’t hear from them! Assuming you are hunting around through photographers’ websites, looking at portfolios or cruzing through pintrest, ideally something in a photographers portfolio is going to resonate with you quite quickly, when it does, its time to dig deeper.


Packages, pricing and prints oh my! I used to be that guy. A B C or D, choose your package. I really don’t know why it is that photographer offers their services in packages. Think quick, when was the last time you purchased a product or service in a package? I’ll give you 10 seconds…. I can’t really think of an example myself. Maybe carpet cleaning, or something along those lines. I think its perhaps a way that a lot of photographer bamboozle their clients into spending a lot of money, without really knowing exactly what they are paying for what. Wedding photography costs a lot. It doesn’t seem to matter if you have $200, $2000 or $20000 to spend on wedding photography, if that’s what you have to spend, the chances are that to you, it’s a lot of money. Wedding Photography is one of those areas that we stretch our budget, in order to get someone better. Likely, the package idea is a hold over from a previous time, when you purchased prints, back in the film days.  It was different then of course. A photographer would shoot your wedding, then hold your negatives in a sort of hostage arrangement, while you struggled to choose your favorites, like your children or something, and abandoned the rest for lack of funds, or interest. How sad. But today is a new day, and with the digital era, we now get a lot more photos, and we get to receive them all! Well, maybe all of them.

A light snack.

A light snack.

How you receive your images, is big question. Do you get everything, are they high resolution, are they watermarked, how many? These are all common questions that I answer every week. My take is that you should be receiving digital files, high res, without watermarks. But you don’t need “all” of them. On an average wedding, I shoot around 1100 photos. From that, I boil them down, and pick out the best, usually ending up in the neighborhood of 300-500 final images. Those are then carefully colour corrected, post-processed and all together made to look their best. The thinking here is twofold. Anything more, is too many. Unless you’re a photography buff, and are used to pouring through scads of images on a regular basis, it’s just too many. You’ll tire, your eyes will likely glaze over and you’ll miss the gems that are really in there.  Having edited hundreds of thousands of photos, I’ve developed a keen sense of what a great images is, and which one you can do without. Let your photographer do this part, it should be part of the package. The other half of this situation is that I don’t want photos going out into the world, that I’m not happy to put my name behind. It’s a matter of professionalism, and the quality of the body of my work. Not every photo is great. Even the best photographers in the world regularly take clunkers. But you don’t get to see them, nor should you. When you start to climb into the higher ranks of photography, photographers constantly try to do creative things with light, pushing the envelope ever further. The majority of these attempts are not perfect; they are steps along the way. A particularly tricky shot might take 6 shots to get right. You’re interested in number 6, not 1 through 5. If a prospective photographer is telling you that you’re going to get everything they shoot, alarm bells should go off! They have poor quality control, what else is going to be lacking?

A difference of opions. 

A difference of opions. 


Since this is getting long, I’m going to call it there for now. Watch for Part 2 soon.

Rebecca and Randy, Burlington Wedding Photographer - Art Centre

Tell me this wasn't a wonderful day. In what one week earlier was the wrath of a frigid Canadian winter... Randy and Rebecca lucked out. With a couple of gorgeous venues picked, the Burlington Art Centre, and also Carmen's Banquet Hall in Hamilton they were in for a superb time. These two are just such a sweet couple. Bordering on too cool, everyone from those who travelled from far and wide, to those at the Sportchek table had a blast.  Sunday weddings are their own sort of animal. And this one was perfect. It was such a pleasure being part of the big day, sharing laughs and jokes and all together having a great time.

The Wiebes in Concert - Stratford Band Photographer

We'll, the day started out with an ice storm. But by evening time, we all had a warm and toasty, merry little Christmas. A big thanks the The Wiebes, now Stratford locals, for putting on such a wonderful concert, right here in downtown Stratford ON. For all those in attendance, I'm sure you were as thrilled as I was. Big thanks to Al Voort for having me out to photograph it. Always a pleasure!



Stratford Family Portrait Photographer - St. Pierre Family!

In what I would call a break in the weather, myself and the wonderful St. Pierre Family ducked over to Upper Queens park, to make some family photo, just in time for Christmas. As the temperature has dropped, but the snow hasn't stuck around, making great images can be a challenge. As everyone freezes, we've still gotta have fun and get the shots. And that's just what we did! Many thanks to a super family, hoping that these photos can help keep you warm over the cold winter. 

Time flies. Kennedy Family.

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Joanna and Rob's wedding back almost two and a half years ago. It was a splendid affair, on Canada day, down at the harbour, with fireworks not only going off outside, but inside as well! Time flies, and along comes little Grace. With her mom's captivating eyes, she had no problem making the camera happy. I must confess, that I've tried to make these photos look just a little bit "warmer" than they actually were, when they were taken. Sunny Stratford, was more like windy, chilly Stratford but we made the most of it, and this family of troopers now has the proof. 


Jose and Carrie Chill in Stratford. Not quite figuratively.

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple recently in Stratford. What started out as brisk, had turned to chilly by the time we were done, but that didn't dampen our spirits! Strolling around Stratford, doors opened for us to have a laugh, share some thoughts and even witness the untimely trampling of one "Justin Beiber's" Star on the path outside the Avon theatre. Strutting around town was all made just a little sweeter as we headed to Balzac's for a quick refresh and warm up aka: wonderful warm beverage. I had intended to snap a few more frames inside, but the toasty atmosphere was enough to thoroughly fog up my camera lens. Laid back, easygoing and natural, Jose and Carrie are my kind of couple. A photo-shoot shouldn't be forced, but fun. If you ever need tips, you can ask these two how its done. I look forward to their upcoming wedding in the spring. 

Nikon 58mm 1.4G - First Look

Well, its late wednesday night October 30th and I've got some sample images for you! These are all just small versions, but full size images are soon to be posted up to Nikon Rumors. Check em out there! 


These are comparison shots from The new Nikon 58mm 1.4G and the Nikon 50mm 1.8G (sorry, I don't have a 50mm 1.4G to compare) 



Webster Falls - Plays host for Amanda and Chris.

After we adjusted to our beautiful surroundings, making photos was easy! Amanda and Chris were easy going, and took naturally to the camera, and their surroundings. Weather wise we seemed to have it all. Strong winds, Cloud, Sun - Rain... You name it! But it all came together nicely. I've been promised that their wedding will be the most fun wedding I've ever had... That sounds good to me! 

Sneak Preview - Amand and Chris, Fall Colours.

Webster Falls is not a place I'd ever been before. But I'm glad I have now. A beautiful spot, scoped out and arranged by our lovely MOH (pronouced: Moe) Maid of Honour. The colours were in full effect, and made for an idyllic setting. Look for the rest very soon.

Dundas Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Dundas Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Alex and Beth - Stroll Stratford - Engagement Photos

How sweet is this couple? Things started off with a few nerves, and a little bit of angst but those feelings were soon left behind as we went for a calm and cool stroll, and made magic happen. For those of you who aren't in Stratford, welcome to The Old Grove. A little Oasis in the midst of Stratford that is out of this world at this time of year. Its amazing that its surrounded by such traffic and commotion, but once you're a few feet inside that all melts away into a little photographic retreat.  The light cooperated, and the leaves played nice. 

Alex and Beth are from the Stratford area, and will be getting hitched next year. Originally both from the GTA, the slower pace of things here in Stratty suits them fine, and I think it shows. A charming couple, I can't wait to photograph their wedding. It doesn't hurt that they bought me ice cream at the end of it as well ;) 

Todd and Jenn - On to the photos.

Todd first contacted me about wedding portraits.... and just wedding portraits. When's the wedding? I had to ask. Over and done, we made it happen in Vegas, sweet, simple. But now that we're back in Canada, we're hoping to get some of the photos that we didn't get a chance to make. Prefering something a little more on the rustic side of things, I pulled some strings, and voila, we had a lovely little barn on the outskirts of Stratford that we got to shoot around. Mr. Rain wasn't too pleased with us, as it started tanking it down in the midst of our shoot, but we kept calm and photographed on, just moving into the dry and character filled barn.  

Often times I remind people that great photos are still to be had, even when the weather isn't considered classically perfect. Here are a few shots from the shoot. We had a lot of fun making them! Hopefully you like them too. I wanted to get a sort of vintage rustic look, without going overboard Hickville. Success?

Wedding - Pioneer Village -Christine and Scott - London

Wow, what a day. What started with fog, only ended up in smoke, rising from an action packed dance floor. 

I've had the pleasure to be part of many weddings, but in my travels, I've come to learn that finding a couple that is so sweet, genuine and has touched so many lives is difficult. After speaking to many of the friends that attended their wedding, it was amazing to find out just how remarkable this couple is. So many, have been so profoundly impacted by these two that it boggles the mind. 

Photographically, this was just great. As it turns out, there is no shortage of backdrops to work with at the Pioneer Village in London. I was hoping to get a more vintage look to match the setting, without going to retro, as that really wasn't the flavour of the day. 

Although it was super touch and go with the weather, the fog ended up making for the softest light I've probably ever shot in. If I could only get this sort of lighting more often :D

Thanks once again Christine and Scott for having me as part of your wonderful day!  


Stratford trek with Linda and Ching.

Last minute engagement shoot? I'm in. We decided to hit the streets of Stratty for a quick practice session before the big day this weekend. This is a great example of why an engagement shoot is important, whether its with me or you're booking with some other photographer, and engagement shoot is a great opportunity not just to make more images, but to practice, and get comfortable in front of the camera. That way, when the big day arrives, there is a lot more fear and uncertainty involved, instead, its a lot of fun! This good looking couple was no exception.